Linkshadow LS1000, 1GB Network Throughput License with 3TB Storage for Data



In a world where the threat landscape is rapidly evolving, the need for new approaches to cybersecurity is becoming extremely important. With the increased usage of cloud computing, mobile devices, and now IoT within the business, configuring business-owned laptops to hand out to employees is a thing of the past.

Designed to manage threats in real-time with attacker behavior analytics, LinkShadow® is meant for organizations that are looking to enhance their defenses against advanced cyber-attacks, zero-day malware, and ransomware, while simultaneously gaining rapid insight into the effectiveness of their existing security investments. With LinkShadow’s unparalleled detection of even the most sophisticated threats, the chance of an attacker passing through your network is virtually nonexistent.

LinkShadow Console Appliance LS1000, 1GB Network Throughput License with 3TB Storage for Data


  • Get a global view of the latest attacks on your organization based on threat feeds from existing security assets with AttackScape Viewer
  • Geo-intelligence based topological view helps you monitor suspicious inbound/outbound traffic with TrafficSense Visualizer
  • Detect anomalies through behavioral analytics performed on correlated logs and packet analysis using advanced machine learning algorithms with ThreatScore Quadrant
  • Visual trend analytics on user behavior including authentication patterns, application usage habits, etc. with Identity Intelligence
  • Automatically discover all devices across your entire network, providing insight into device type and OS, plus validation of whether devices are managed or unmanaged, and whether endpoint security is installed with Asset AutoDiscovery
  • Single-pane-of-glass view on the effectiveness of your existing security systems through log correlation: firewall, sandbox, IPS and endpoint security with BlockCount Ratio
  • Agentless application and endpoint behavioral analytics enabling deep learning about your users with User Investigator
  • Get a detailed view of an anomalous entity in your network and the connections it makes with other entities in the network with Entity Inspector


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